Building & Supply Finalization

When it comes to getting your outpatient facility ready to start business operations, you’ll first need to check a few things off your to-do list. Luckily, our building and supply finalization services here at Outpatient Solutions are designed to ensure that your vascular center’s construction projects are completed on time to the highest quality standards, that your staff is trained on proper scheduling procedures, upkeep of patient logs, and equipment use, and that you are equipped with all the licenses you’ll need to open your doors. Keep reading to learn about the finalization services we provide for our clients.

What we do

Opening the doors of your new outpatient vascular center facility means making sure that your facility, equipment, and staff are ready to start operations. Here are a few things we can help iron out before you begin:

  • Oversight and coordination of all finished construction work
  • Oversight and training scheduling for all equipment and servicing
  • Assistance for Registration of C-arm with state.
  • Providing necessary logs and initial guidance for upkeep of radiation logs (for example, Fluoro Testing)
  • Initial oversight of education for staff on lab workings and procedures
  • Ensuring and assisting the client in securing all proper licenses and requirements to start operations (i.e., DEA license, business license)

Building and supply finalization services are essential for the successful construction of your new outpatient vascular center. By entrusting these critical tasks to our experts at Outpatient Solutions, you can enhance efficiency, control costs, and ensure the quality and timely delivery of materials and equipment. Interested in getting started? Simply reach out to us via our online contact form to get a free consultation* today.

*Please Note: All prices are determined at the time of request due to logistics and other variables that must be taken into consideration.