Equipment & Consulting

Our equipment and consulting services at Outpatient Solutions help bridge the gap between technology and strategy, ensuring that your facility operates efficiently, safely, and in compliance with healthcare industry standards in your state. With our expert equipment and consulting services, you will experience the benefits of better efficiency, cost management, compliance assurance, and risk management for your business. Keep reading to learn how these services can help you obtain the equipment and servicing you need to get your business up and operating without a hitch.

What we do

Our equipment and consulting services encompass a wide range of offerings to help your facility succeed. From procuring and maintaining specialized medical equipment to providing strategic guidance that optimizes your business operations, Outpatient Solutions can help you with every step of getting your business up-and-running, so you can focus on what matters most; your patients. Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Procurement of necessary medical equipment at our discounted rates
  • Obtaining equipment for office space at discount rates
  • Consulting for ongoing and future business operations
    • Oversight of construction specs
    • Project management
    • Ensuring equipment deliveries and servicing
    • Assistance for securing proper licenses and registrations 


Equipment and consulting services are invaluable for helping your facility operate efficiently and within compliance regulations. By partnering with Outpatient Solutions, you gain access to the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to start your business today. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.*

*Please Note: All prices are determined at the time of request due to logistics and other variables that must be taken into consideration.